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New Art Added in the last 30 days

Here are 625 art pieces added to the site in the last 30 days (11/12/2018 to 12/11/2018).
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Woman Topless in Pencil Study - Signed NEW 12/10
Haight (penciller)
Art Type: Commission
Price: $35

bottom header NEW 12/4
Art Various (penciller)
Art Type: Interior Page
Price: Please Inquire

Queen Character Design Art NEW 11/26
Bill Sienkiewicz (all)
Art Type: Commission
Price: $450

V #14 p.18 - Fight - 1986 Signed NEW 11/15
Carmine Infantino (penciller)
Tony DeZuniga (inker)
Art Type: Interior Page
Price: $225

Punisher War Journal #79 p.5 - Punisher in Gunpoint Splash - 1995 NEW 11/27
Doug Wheatley (penciller)
John Kalisz (painter)
Steve Moncuse (inker)
Art Type: Painted Art
Price: $25    On Hold

Mike Myers Color Commission - Signed NEW 12/10
Gary Mongar (all)
Art Type: Commission
Price: $40

GI Joe with Gun Drawing - Signed NEW 12/7
Herb Trimpe (all)
Art Type: Commission
Price: $375

Savage Sword of Conan #93 p.37 - Conan Slaps Babe - 1983 Signed NEW 11/30
John Buscema (penciller)
Ernie Chan (inker)
Rudy Nebres (inker)
Art Type: Interior Page
Price: $575    On Hold

Spider-Woman Portrait - Signed NEW 12/10
Kevin West (all)
Art Type: Commission
Price: $35

Hawkman #9 p.19 Color Guide Art - Hawkgirl Enters Splash - 2003 NEW 11/28
Rags Morales (penciller)
John Kalisz (painter)
Michael Bair (inker)
Art Type: Painted Art
Price: $35    On Hold

Hulk Full Figure Commission - Signed NEW 12/6
Ron Wilson (all)
Art Type: Commission
Price: $100