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Rest In Peace to Comic Book Legend: Joe Sinnott

Watch our Interview with Joe Sinnott here

Art Type: Cover
Genre: Hero
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       I’ve had a difficult time since hearing of Joe Sinnott’s passing as I’ve been a fan of his work since my childhood collecting days that span back 45 years. I’ve been an art dealer for 25 of those and have grown to love his work even more as I have handled tens of thousands of comic book art pieces. Along the way I have been putting away pages I liked and wanted to keep that I remembered from my Bronze Age reading days. The common thread through those pages was his magnificent inking. In my opinion, we lost the best ever at what he did. The greatest example of which is when you look at who was inking over Jack Kirby’s pencils for the Fantastic Four. His work was lost in translation and literally destroyed by lesser inkers than Joe but when Joe returned to Marvel in the mid-1960s the pair produced the greatest comic book artwork in the history of the medium and a generation of fans were made.

       I had the chance to interview Joe two years ago and at 91 years old he was as sharp as a tack and had an incredible recall and pride in his career. Please enjoy the video of that interview I did with Mr. Sinnott and take it to heart that I’m very proud to have had the chance to spend time with him and record that for his generations of fans both now and for the ones that come in the future. You can watch that interview here.


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