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  Title     Artist   Issue Page Art Type    Price
Barbarian Invasion Advanced for Galaxy Saga Painting - Applibot Publishing - Legend of the Cryptids - 2013 Signed
Media Type: Oils
Milivoj Ceran (painter)
Painted Art $1,200.00
Classics Illustrated #31 Painted Cover - LA - The Black Arrow - 1956
Media Type: Oils
Unknown Artist? (all)
Painted Cover $2,800.00
Genghis Khan Pulp Cover - 1953 Signed
Media Type: Mixed Media
Antonio Enzebio (painter)
Cover $375.00
Ghost Rider Side Bust Painting - LA - Signed
Media Type: Oils
Mark Texeira (painter)
Painted Art $1,500.00
Grey Haired Man Oil Profile on Board - Signed
Media Type: Oils
Matt Busch (painter)
Painted Art $125.00
John Carter and Dejah Thoris Painting
Media Type: Oils
Charles Hall (painter)
Painted Art $125.00
Planet of the Apes "Story of Landon" Large Painting - 2009 Signed
Media Type: Oils
Leo Leibelman (painter)
Painted Art $2,800.00
Red Sonja Commission Painting - 2007 Signed
Media Type: Oils
Michael Bridges (painter)
Painted Art $75.00
Super Friends Model Sheet Re-Creation by Original Assistant Animator - Zok from Herculoids Full Figure - Signed
Media Type: Oils
Darrell McNeil (penciller)
Specialty Piece $50.00
Wickedly Wicked - Oil on Canvas - Suzi Lorraine Model
Media Type: Oils
Billy Tackett (painter)
Painted Art $225.00