April 12, 2020

Dear Customer Thank you for your purchase from my WEBSITE OR Ebay store, anthonyscomicbookart-online est. 1998. Our business is based on making long term customers, so our staff is determined to give you the best possible customer service to make your purchase and experience with us perfect. In the 1 in 1000 chance there is an issue, be assured that we will correct it ASAP! We are very excited to announce that WE ARE ALWAYS COMBINING SHIPPING costs! This means that you can buy several similar items and have them all shipped for one low price! For example, you can purchase 1-100 single comics,comic book ART or greeting card art, at one low priced shipping unit. Let us know with other wants, and we look forward to hearing from you again and again! For all your collecting needs, Anthony's Comic Book Art is here for you! Don't forget, KEEP CALM AND KEEP COLLECTING! P.S. TO OUR LOYAL CUSTOMER WE AT ANTHONY'S APPRECIATE YOUR BUSINESS VERY MUCH IN THIS STRESSFUL TIME AND HOPE THE HOBBY PROVIDES SOME REPRIEVE AND ENJOYMENT OR AT LEAST A TEMPORARY DISTRACTION . BE AWARE THAT ANTHONYSCOMICBOOKART CONSISTING OF THE EBAY STORE ,ART WEBSITE, IN PERSON BUYING AND SELLING AND COMICBOOK SHOWS SUPPORTS 20 PEOPLE ON A DAILY BASIS SO KNOW THAT WE ARE TRULY GRATEFUL AND VALUE YOUR BUSINESS SINCERELY ANTHONY SNYDER