An All New Weekly Live Stream Where Buying Comic Art is Just Part of the Main Event

February 6, 2021

On Wednesday, February 10th at 9pm EST, Comic Art LIVE's Bill Cox presents the third episode of The Dueling Dealers of Comic Art. Structured like a prizefight, two Original Comic Art Dealers - Mike Burkey and our very own Anthony Snyder will go head- to-head for 12 rounds, with each offering 12 spectacular new artworks to the market, or artworks that are discounted only during the show. The main event will feature 4 rounds of artwork priced $500 or less, followed by 4 rounds priced $1,500 or less, with the final 4 rounds having comic artworks priced $3,000 or less. If time permits, both Dealers may show additional new artwork to market after the 12 rounds have finished, usually higher ticket items that haven't reached their sites yet, or are also discounted from their list price until midnight EST the night of the show. Each episode of The Dueling Dealers of Comic Art will last only 60 minutes, so you can anticipate each round to be filled with competitive banter and salesmanship, as both Dealers get the chance to present their artwork for sale to the audience. Neither Dealer will know what artworks the other is bringing to the bout, making each round more entertaining than the last. If you watched last week's show you can expect a lot more of the same! You can watch the episodes here.